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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh I am bad at blogging !!

I really did not think anyone was reading anything I wrote, I am not a writer, but I do have alot to say, I just have a hard time putting it down. I was relly happy to see that someone was looking for updates on what has been happening with Traveling Pants ~, they have been on a world tour !

I know, can you immagine having something so personal, so tangable, with notes/letters from one to another, experienceing the world around them, I wish the pants could talk, I could only immagine what they must be thinking. LOL !

Right now, Traveling pants are in France ! then off to Isreal, and West Africa, please say lots of well wishes for not only the girls that are a part of the "sisterhood", but also for the pants safe arrival to each destination.

Please know we have pictures and updates on our facebook page, stage4travelingpants, and we do have a website,, keeping up with that ( whew and sigh ) is challenging enough !

Have a safe journey and be loved !