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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Doctor's.....

When you see your doctor; what do you say to yourself? are you comfortable? does he or she listen to you? what is your gut telling you...

I have had some not so good experiences with Dr.'s in the past...but today was the day I told mine, that I felt she was the best Doctor ANY one could have, and that I felt like I was the luckiest person on the planet to have her. ( I was encased with a wonderful hug i needed) and hopefully she to, needed it :)

I often find myself in the doctor's office on a fine geriatric day, hoping that when I arrive, I am welcomed to break up the monotony. Am I there so often, well, no, but...If you know about my sister Stephanie's experience, you to would be 'paranoid" over things that are probably OK.  Speaking of OK, that is one department my Doctor often states to me, Its OK...Its OK....really, she means its OK if i come in here a dozen times to see her just to be check for "just in case"....(really, i am footing the bill) so why not..I love my Doctor.

Stephanie was given a referral to see a psychiatrist because she complained so much about back pain, rib pain, hip pain, etc etc...its in her head, myofacial pain (muscle pain) and also referred her to see a physical therapist ??  really??  They WOULD NOT order an MRI !  how simple!  she is RN....she is no dummy!

As she collapses in pain, she gets her MRI that they would not do or think to do (oh and blood work!) they did not do that either!  back to the MRI, they found her spine lit up like a Christmas tree !!  4 broken vertebrae in her spine full of tumors stemmed from Breast cancer. AT THE AGE OF 30. Whoa?? did you hear that?? that's why, they said she was to young....why would they ever check that..

I am here to make it clear, it does, and Traveling pants is making its way around the country to make this point ...Life...Priceless....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I don't normally post feeling of stuff here, but today, Traveling Pants has left my hands today to visit some friends. As I package up the pants, I take extra care to get MORE photo's "just in case" they dont make it back. The feelings that incase me as i walk up to to Fed Ex knowing they will be leaving in pergatory until they reach their next destination is almost painful yet joyful at the same time.

I look in the box, double checking its contents, praying it does not get lost in the mail, or ends up in a hurricane..As the clerk at the desk ask me what the value is of the package containing the pants; I swell up with a reply of "they are pricelss...., the clerk smiles at me, and sais ok, if only he knew. I walk out leaving the box in there hands without bawling, but inside my gut hurts.

Each time they leave for travel, it gets harder as the pants fill with love from young women that was given a hand they have no control over how their lives will be. A

My challenge to all the scientis out there... find that cure, when we have found one for advanced breast cancer, we have found the cure, why cant we at least find a way to make there lives MUCH longer than the older counterpart drugs?  Why is the pharmacutical business so greedy to charge phenominal fee's for those that want to be around for their families. Life....priceless....