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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I forgot!

We have young lady 37, in which the pants are in travel to, she is newly diagnosed at stae 4, and the pants are in her care to wish her love and warmth.

will update you when they come back.

"It takes a village"

Urg...back to the Dr. stephanie, has a hip fracture from new disease, she is getting a bone scan tomorrow to find any more hot spots in her body, there is an uncomfortable spot on the left side of her skull to.

We are working on a website page for Traveling Pants,   ITS NOT AVAILABLE yet, but hopefully we can get it launched soon.

My goal is to be able to host fundraisers for women with breast cancer to help make life "just a little easier", I have said this once, "It takes a village" to help those in need, and NO ONE can do this on there own.

Hoping a new page called "It Takes a Village" will be launched to.

Yes, i still have the Pants Lapel Pins ready to order, just waiting for the oportunity to order them so they are available as a fundraiser when the website launches.

Will keep you posted on the website.

~Traveling Pants. (aka) Stephanie Maas-Maltby